Does anyone wear a watch anymore?

The last time I wore one was for an interview.  Since I started carrying a cell phone sometime in the year 2000 it seemed redundant.  I lost interest in having something on my wrist that would annoy me while I was typing, the same reason why I rarely wear bracelets.  Then again, I’m not much of a jewelry-wearing type of girl.

In high school I was obsessed with pocket watches.  I would find one I fell in love with and then when it stopped ticking, I’d discard it wherever I was when I noticed it was no longer keeping time. I suppose I should feel guilty for littering, but I wouldn’t trade the memory of a night on a bridge, kissing a cute boy, reaching into my pocket to make sure we weren’t out past curfew and as was habit –  tossing the dead watch into the moonlit lake.  He’d told me about his Father’s death and how he’d accidentally set his house on fire, we’d been talking, crying, laughing and kissing for hours.  Considering we were spending the summer on a college campus immersed in writing workshops all day, the scene was unapologetically poetic.  The watch was disposable, the memories of that night and that summer lie beyond the bottom of that lake.

I never invested more than $30 on one of these pocket watches and they broke a lot.  I liked the temporary disposable nature of these watches.  I never collected them or owned more than one at a time.  I parted ways with one wandering Manhattan (when it was a treat for my fiends and I to spend a day in the city) in a trash bin on a sidewalk, another was thrown in the woods while walking my dog.

When I was in college I spent the most money I’d ever spent on myself on a watch.  It was a Fossil watch, one of the “big tics” where the seconds ticked off as large digital numbers and the hour and minute hands were analog.  I wore that watch for years, having it repaired when the crystal was scratched and the batteries replaced by mail which was a lengthy process I got to know quite well.  I replaced it a few years ago, scouring ebay for months, determined to get the exact same one.  When it broke I stopped wearing a watch.

There was a short time when I was in San Francisco, waitressing that I needed to wear a watch if only to count down the hours of my misery.  I chose a children’s watch in the theme of the restaurant with plastic straps for easy cleaning.  Even though I hated that period of time I have yet to throw it away.

For all my disinterest in wearing jewelry, I have quite a few necklaces, bracelets and earrings that either I crave or stow in a box as pretty as it’s contents.  Every once in awhile an email from Thrillist or Daily Candy or a shop on Etsy makes me want to buy something and actually wear it.  Today I fell in love with these…and wondered why…

  • http://www.dfhmedia.com Langley

    I have a thing for watches. I like them, i save them, yet i never really wear them either – partially b/c of the whole cell phone thing, and also because i’m terrible at getting new batteries for them.