Creative Outreach and Crowd Sourcing a Campaign

When I heard about Edelman Studios  and the concept of an agency sourcing the collective creativity of the public, I knew I’d have to at least try at a shot to win $1,000.

Edelman is a PR company with an impressive roster of big name clients and presumably enormous resources to service their accounts.  The idea behind Edelman Studios is to connect users (anyone can register) to their clients and compensate winning ideas. 
Currently there are assignments listed for Butterball, Philadelphia, Burger King and Expedia.

As I recently “crowd sourced” recommendations for my parent’s recent vacation to Washington DC,  I thought an interesting approach would be to start a discussion on Phreadz, a multimedia conversation platform about the whole idea of “vacation” to both stir up ideas and also demonstrate an extension of Edelman’s own tactic for the Expedia assignment.

If the TOCs allow me to do so, I will share how I frame this in my submission for the contest.  Also, as the amazing community of Phreadz is contributing, I’d like to spend any (crossing my fingers) winnings directly back to the community as it’s currently an amazing tool in development by one hopeful and inspiring programmer.