So…I’m here. No photos yet, not because I haven’t seen anything interesting, only because in the rain it’s cumbersome to have my camera out. I still have a lot more to see, and a lot more to base my opinion on, but from what I can tell it’s a pretty great city. I like looking down a street and seeing green mountains in front of me. I can tell I’m by the water, and not because it’s been pouring from the sky since I arrived. People are talkative and friendly, but there definitely seem to be crazier people here than any city I’ve ever been to (not the blue hair variety, but the ‘in need of a mental facility’ kind). The Haight-Ashbury area reminds me of the Lower East Side, but a bit more concentrated. The business district area reminded me of the same in Boston, though it got seedy pretty quickly. Mass- transportation seems copious and direct, but I’ve only taken it once.

Lots more neighborhoods to see, and the plan is to see the Winchester House tomorrow and Alcatraz on Friday. Hopefully on Thursday or Saturday I’ll have an adventure out of the city. Something tells me that will bring me what I imagine Northern California to be.