When I was in Seattle in January something strange happened.  I woke up in my hotel room, took a shower, turned on the tv and tiredly tried to get ready.  I couldn’t read the time on the corner of the screen on CNN and when I looked in the mirror I couldn’t see most of my face.  I felt like I was getting a migraine and panicked as I lost a good portion of my vision.  But, as I’ve found as I get older, the scarier something seems health-wise the less I want to deal with it.  Being a klutz my whole life and always hurting myself in some way or another and in turn over-reacting, it figured the first time I tried to brush off an injury, was the first time it was serious enough to require surgery.  And so over the past 6 months the random acts of blindness happened 5 times and unless someone was there, or I was talking to A, I pushed it to the back of my head.   And, then worried, that in brushing it off, it might be something terrible.  I’m generally quite good at forgetting most things that don’t concern my day to day busy-ness lately.

Of course I trolled the internet, usually right after it happened again, and connected it to my headaches.  A few weeks ago, my last little "episode" was followed with a doozy of a headache, but otherwise, they just left me feeling like I’d had a migraine for two days, but without the horrible pain and sickness.  And though most of my vision would disappear into white light, it never lasted more than an hour.  Since they always happened when I’d not had enough sleep for a few nights and when I was stressed it made some sense.  In a strange way I was also impressed that calming myself down and relaxing was all it took to make them go away.

The last one freaked me out enough to start considering that I might be having a stroke or something really serious.  5 times in 6 months and it had never happened before.  Since I plan to spend this year tending to a number of things involving doctors, I scheduled an appointment.

Yesterday I saw the Dr. and he didn’t take it as lightly as I was hoping.  And, so, today I went to the Ophthalmologist terrified that I he’d find something.  I’ve always had 20/20 vision so I’d never had a portion of the full battery of tests that they can do.  Lights, drops, discomfort, flipping my eyelids, not seeing a good portion of the letters (when they were actually numbers-tricky bastards), traumatizing me with all sorts of devices in a way I reserve for the Dentist, and then finally stumbling back home with sunglasses on half blind, but with RELIEF.

The verdict is that my eyes are still a touch better than 20/20, my field of vision is fine, all is well…even the lil lump I’ve been feeling is absolutely nothing to worry about and will disappear eventually.  He even confirmed that the near blindness, though sucky, is just some of the fun that migraines can bring to the party.  I think I still have to follow up with a Neurologist or something for good measure…but, PHEW.
Even though I found having your eyes numbed with thick orange stingy drops and one’s pupils dilated more miserable than I imagined, I was amused that hours later I still looked like a total crack fiend.
I took a picture:


And, now I just hope that peace of mind assures that the last time was in fact the last time.
I watched "Alfie" tonight since after a nap I was still pretty blurry and useless.  I really liked it.  I didn’t expect to find it particularly good, but I did.

I think I’m just super excited since a week from this moment, A will be here.  AND, I’m going camping next weekend!