rectal silicon

one of the guys upstairs apologized. it was touching, i don’t think i’ve ever had someone look me in the eye and insist that i listen to them say "i was wrong." when did i become so vapid…i kept apologizing.

the whole "calling the cops" thing is probably the least significant event / occupation of brain-time in the past few weeks / months for me, but this is not the place for me to work the bigger things out. i think of it more for a place to file the little events and observations that i’d surely forget if i didn’t. and, when i am sure of a result, then i can talk about it too. i’m liking the perculating time. i’ve learned so much about solitude, not being a verbal sieve and also about another concept i’ve struggled with – "letting go."

everything seems so new to me. after deciding against change, it’s remarkable to me still how much change can happen in it’s own place.