16 – Still All About Me – Part 1

Alex gives me props and I botch giving proper props to Aegis (again)
Aegis on PMN

Identity crisis / nickname debate

Alex works out his lawyerly twitchings and I show my verbal steamrolling tendencies…

Song: “Home Again”, by Amy MacClain


Alex figures out the destination of my rambling which is that I am without the feeling of a destination

Our thoughts on the mindset of the tri-state area

Song: “Space Rocks Keep Falling On My Head”, by Away With the Fairies

Away With The Fairys - We´ve Been Had - Space Rocks Keep Falling On My Head

Our A.D.D. brings us to Pluto and then back to NY again

And though alex is not gay…I had to cut the conversation here, since we abruptly moved to a new topic and this was a long night of chat.

Stay tuned for part 2…