don’t agitate the laundry gods

I’m pretty sure I’m the only nutcase doing laundry tonight in the snow…probably because the streets are too empty for "just past rush hour" and it’s me and the non-ingles speaking laundry nazi alone in the ‘mat.

I stuff my dirty clothes into three machines. One $1.50 and Two $3.50, powdered detergent, check, change, check, bleach for the whites, check…

I find out that if you put in more coins than the machine requires, it re-sets and you pay again. Fun Fun…clink, clink. Why not pay double for my load? Smack and bruise my leg on the way out on the big machine which has begun to wash my dark colors.

Shuffle back to my warm apartment three blocks away, set the timer for 40 minutes. Kill time. Gear up again for the snow, contemplate how pretty it is on the way to begin the dry cycle. Remove skirt I haven’t worn for over a year – since it had to be washed alone – from the small machine, remove large colored load…shit…powder everywhere. WHAT THE…

Seems my bruise came from knocking the lock mechanism on the big machine. So, now my clothes are not clean, not even wet and powder is all over clean skirt. Curse a lot aloud, get the attention of Mrs. Espanol Jersey City, get yelled at in Spanish, hands thrown up in the air, load my whites into the drier, might as well…and accept defeat.

Wait again.