17 – Part 2 with Alex – Cars

Creator vs. consumer
Da Vinci code parallel to law to parallel to the nature of people
Alex totally gets the whole world of podcasting and it seems I may have snagged a future listener
We continue to ponder and hatch this little thought I had, and once again, alex articulates it better than this humble non-prosecuting Podcaster
Car marketing
Lots of car talk
A few more sips of wine and I go even more A.D.D. and make even more sweeping generalizations which I now want to contradict myself on listening back
Roles Royce, Honda, Acura and numerous other car terms I’m not familiar with.
And just when we start to talk GREEN, I change the subject, go figure
Alex continues to stun me with his thoughts on podcasting
Anne Coulter
Scooby Doo
Law School enlightenment
Full Circle
Alex makes an ugly math equation out of me
Mom calls and we’ve babbled ourselves out
No Music This Time

Advance to: 17:00 if your eyes roll back at car chat, but I think Alex made some interesting points here