i’m baaaaack

After spending just over 4 days in San Francisco relaxing and feeling more "on vacation" than in recent memory, I’m exhausted.  The trip was a very generous birthday gift from my dear friend A who took time away from school work to wander neighborhoods I missed on my visit in January and make sure we did everything on my wish list.

First on my list, we saw "Mirrormask," the Neil Gaiman movie, which was probably the only disappointment (it was pretty to look at, but I’m still not sure what it was about nor do I really care).  We visited with my friend Brett who’d just won a pool tournament at his place, we went to the beach, we ate lots of yummy food and generally had a wonderful time.  I slept a lot and even made friends with his cats, which given my sniffles, I probably shouldn’t have done.

My first impression of the city was pretty terrible when I last visited.  I felt bad every time someone asked me how it was and I’d answer "Probably the most disgusting city I’ve ever visited."  A insisted that he felt the same way his first time there and that I’d come to like it if I came back.  I’m not sure if he was right, or if it was a combination of terrible circumstances in the first trip, or if it was just the incessant rain in January in city I’d only heard described as "beautiful, magical, etc" that filled me with pre-conceived ideas…but, I have to say that I’ve changed my mind.  I’m now a fan.  Though I maintain, the city is a bit of a mess…the "homeless problem" is a problem, the pastel colors and murals which appeal to some, is not in my particular taste, the bottom line is it’s not the East Coast and once I let go of what I wanted it to be, I was surprised by what I found.