20 – Truthiness

Same old intro…because I’m not sure I’m ready to record a new one yet. Inspiration eludes me.

A tease about some smoochey action.

I’m unemployed…sort of…just for a weekend this time. I start my new fabulous job tomorrow.

Sick…cough syrup = truth serum of sorts and I tell the whole story of Alex by way of an outline of assoleness…
Summary: Boy gets his cake, eats it, and then pukes it up. Cake gets feelings hurt. Bottom Line: Boy just doesn’t like cake and should have never asked for it, eaten it, and made a big mess. Cake should have never offered itself on a broken platter.

Word of the day – cacophonous – having a harsh or discordant sound.

Song: “Fade Away” by Allison Crowe

Allison Crowe - 6 Songs+ - Fade Away


Message from Rob Usdin of The Jersey Jamcast