23 – Oh Baby

-Baby Thomas Matthew is here.
Huge Congratulations to Mama Missy and Daddy Matt!
I play a message that arrived shortly after he joined us on the outside, sadly my internet connection ate some of it – he was actually born at 6:11pm and weighed 6lbs, 7ounces.

-Birthday eve…
-Throwing balls around…
-stupid girl at work reporting for duty…"you match the wall" and other intelligent statements

Song: "Waste Another Night" by My Little Radio

My Little Radio - My Little Radio - Waste Another Night

Check out Blarm!


-crossing my fingers to adopt a gorgeous puppy
-stupid people on the subway


Song: "Crack Open Your Gorgeous Face", by Semi Precious Weapons

Semi-Precious-Weapons - The-Precious-EP - Crack Open Your Gorgeous Face