To Do List

Oft referred to as "Life List" or "Bucket List", I'm going simply with "To Do" List…seems less dreamy and somehow more obtainable that way. 

The fabulous and adorable Amber inspired me to post mine. 

What I'd really like to do is get this printed yearly on poster size paper to hang across from my bed (because I'm all about subtle reminders).


  1. Walk across all the major NYC bridges
    (George Washington, Brooklyn, Manhattan, 59th street, Williamsburg)
  2. Walk across the Golden Gate Bride
  3. Take the tram to Roosevelt Island
  4. See the Northern Lights
  5. Swim in North Atlantic, off Newfoundland
  6. Give the St. John of Nepomuk statue on the Charles Bridge a rub
  7. Travel by cargo ship
  8. Soak in the Blue Lagoon
  9. Drink wine in Italy
  10. Get screeched in
  11. Take the subway in Moscow
  12. Cover myself in mud and float in the Dead Sea
  13. See/hear a galapagos tortoise roar in person
  14. Hop on and off the Siberian Railroad
  15. Antarctica
  16. Find Atlantis
  17. ♥ mutually in New York
  18. Drive stick shift
  19. Drive a car onto a ferry
  20. Speak Italian
  21. Get a dna print
  22. Snuggle a proboscidea
  23. Play Barber's Adaggio on clarinet
  24. Encourage my Mom to write a book
  25. Start a fire like MacGuyver
  26. Live in a tumbleweed house
  27. Renew my driver's license
  28. Compost in earnest, either by dropping off at a local bin or keeping my own "on premises"
  29. Learn CPR
  30. Wear an Easter bonnet in an Easter parade
  31. Go to Arctic Man