40 – Home Alone

False starts
Internal Dialogue, Angela Chase, or Schizophrenia
Last Box
Wasted Tickets to see
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum
Semi Precious Weapons at Rebel in NYC 4/14
Song: "Saccharine" by Blake Morgan

Blake Morgan - Silencer - Saccharine (Solo)

My observations about the great outsideland

39 – More Wanking in NY

night 3 of Dana's visit
We talk about boys and NY and making friends online
unfiltered, loud laughing and all
I think I shall hold her hostage, I am not ready for her to go home.

38 – Wankergirl Does NY









37 – Body Temperature

The number of the beast
Beastie on my lap
Don't put marbles in your orifices
Brendon Small Rules!
Marble surprise
Wankergirl in NY – Come Hang out Friday, February 23rd
Email me for the details:
missomething at the gmail.com
Stock Valentine's day chat for a wallowcast

Nicole cheeses out and contradicts herself, ignore her
(she says "hit me up" – ewe)

36 – Unorthodox


Blarm Song for Naughty Xmas Gifts


35 – Marbles

Things that make me irrationally silly:
I kiss and tell – a dating update (or lack thereof)

Song: "Real Good Thing", by Anothony Hugh

Anthony Hugh - hUNKi dORi - Real good Thing  

34 – The Salty & The Sweet

The Tough Stuff
1 year anniversary of "the move"
(everyone needs a good cry from time to time)

Sad Song – "Not for Me", by Laura Clapp

Laura Clapp

The Good Stuff
…out of the funk and into 2007
(new haircut)

Happy Song – "Good Day", by Natives of a New Dawn

Natives of the New Dawn - Need Something - Good Day


33 – Double Trouble

Girl talk with Dolly



32 – Christmas

New microphone!

Podcasting from Park Slope, dog sitting on a difficult holiday.

So disorganized…

As if my Sony Vaio wasn’t the most awesomest generous christmas gift, I got the full Macguyver collection on dvd!

Check out the Toddies!

Thanks! Lee Alexander






31 – Suckiness

1:42 – 9:46 – psycho mess

Despair is NOT an option

Giving – www.donorschoose.org

Thanks for the encouragment Jack!

Song: "Over Again", by Rebecca Loebe

Rebecca Loebe - Hey, It's a Lonely World - Over Again

Fun with anagrams
an·a·gram – [an-uh-gram] noun, verb
a word, phrase, or sentence formed from another by rearranging its letters

Bus Shelters Get Cookie Smell article



30 – Nostalgia

minor walmart mischief

thanksgiving doldrums

friday night funk

10 year high school reunion


the romance of place



Song: "Goodnight", by Davide Mattucci


29 – Looking Forward


turkey time = family time

puppy update

Laura and Brett and High School reunion on the horizon
I’m not the only one living at home these days

some things i’m learning

Song: "With the Sky", by Noen

Yay for cat sitting, 2 weeks in December of pseudo-independence




28 – Yes

self doubt – if you’ve ever tried to podcast, you’ll recognize the quandary

i rehash the whole break up – it has been really hard lately

i miss my old bed

i love semi precious weapons
i hate hate
I love Magnetic Baby

Semi Precious Weapons - The Magnetic EP - Magnetic Baby

what the fuck is with the audio problems?

Vote for Lee Alexander at musciansatlas.com

Dawn and Drew and BT and Crispin Glover





27 – Udon

Udon Noodle Soup

Google Alerts

Philosophy Guy

Song: "Better Him Than Me", by Lee Alexander

Lee Alexander - Out of Place - Better Him Than Me

Vote at The 6th Annual Independent Music Awards
"Ain’t No Crime" Finalist for Best Social Action Song

"Live Who You Are"

Song: "Affliction", by Dan Anibal

Dan Anibal - The Circus - Affliction



26 – Happy Places

I decided I need a new sound card and a shiny new mic and then I did it…I decided instead to replace my (no longer so) trusty old lappy with a sexy new Vaio. No more popping p’s or I just won’t post it, I promise.

Neil Gaiman

If you haven’t noticed I gush when I’m excited about stuff and I kiss the asses of those I heart.
I should never read poetry aloud…and I can’t say ghosts.

Motion Sick

Happy Places

Italy Pics

Song: "Citizens Of The World" by, Daphne Rubin-Vega


25 – Sweet and Furry

Lexi – the new puppy

Song: "The Dog Song", by Little Thom

Little Thom

red sox

Song: "Why Don’t You See" by Blake Morgan

Blake Morgan & Lenny Kravitz - Anger's Candy - Why Don't You See


23 – Oh Baby

-Baby Thomas Matthew is here.
Huge Congratulations to Mama Missy and Daddy Matt!
I play a message that arrived shortly after he joined us on the outside, sadly my internet connection ate some of it – he was actually born at 6:11pm and weighed 6lbs, 7ounces.

-Birthday eve…
-Throwing balls around…
-stupid girl at work reporting for duty…"you match the wall" and other intelligent statements

Song: "Waste Another Night" by My Little Radio

My Little Radio - My Little Radio - Waste Another Night

Check out Blarm!


-crossing my fingers to adopt a gorgeous puppy
-stupid people on the subway


Song: "Crack Open Your Gorgeous Face", by Semi Precious Weapons

Semi-Precious-Weapons - The-Precious-EP - Crack Open Your Gorgeous Face




22 – Pieces

No, I wasn’t sitting in front of a jet engine…that’s my hard drive….and, I don’t know how to fix it. Seems to be a new audio issue each week…so frustrating.
But I will not be deterred…

Ditched the Semi Precious Weapons show…because I have no friends.


Been busy with the new job and building a humble lil Something Missing site.

Autumn is the man in my life at the moment. Nicole hearts Fall.

Song: “Little Pieces” by Uncle Seth



Song: “Missing Piece” by Meg Allison

Meg Allison - Missing Piece - Missing Piece

A fun new job and a fabulous bathroom makes all the difference.

My ugly old apartment (that I miss)

Jersey Jamcast podcast


21 – Semi Precious Weapons




20 – Truthiness

Same old intro…because I’m not sure I’m ready to record a new one yet. Inspiration eludes me.

A tease about some smoochey action.

I’m unemployed…sort of…just for a weekend this time. I start my new fabulous job tomorrow.

Sick…cough syrup = truth serum of sorts and I tell the whole story of Alex by way of an outline of assoleness…
Summary: Boy gets his cake, eats it, and then pukes it up. Cake gets feelings hurt. Bottom Line: Boy just doesn’t like cake and should have never asked for it, eaten it, and made a big mess. Cake should have never offered itself on a broken platter.

Word of the day – cacophonous – having a harsh or discordant sound.

Song: “Fade Away” by Allison Crowe

Allison Crowe - 6 Songs+ - Fade Away


Message from Rob Usdin of The Jersey Jamcast


19 – A Tree Falls in NJ

A conversation with Matt
A tree falls in suburban NJ, and we discuss it
Divine Intervention at “The House of Tom”
Matt’s dirty south roots and a landscaper’s aesthetic on the Northeast roads
Hurricane Katrina and the state of Louisiana
Matt’s feelings on Alex
The 6 month promise
A father to be mulls the future


Missing Something – 9/11/01


A few weeks after 9/11 I put pen to paper as a sort of self-imposed therapy. This year I decided to read it aloud.



18 – Identity Crisis

This photo – THAT is fake.
That was taken many years ago after the last big break up. Since I didn’t want anyone to see me cry (ever), I took some pictures of myself how I felt one day in seclusion, splashing water on my face, smearing my make-up…this falls under a term I once heard…”rated PG” (pretentious garbage)

So, Jack from The Get Jacked Podcast had some questions that he mentioned on his show…I respond.

Cab Ride
Ground Zero
Song: Love Spirals "Will You Fade"

Love Spirals Downwards - Ardor - Will You Fade




17 – Part 2 with Alex – Cars

Creator vs. consumer
Da Vinci code parallel to law to parallel to the nature of people
Alex totally gets the whole world of podcasting and it seems I may have snagged a future listener
We continue to ponder and hatch this little thought I had, and once again, alex articulates it better than this humble non-prosecuting Podcaster
Car marketing
Lots of car talk
A few more sips of wine and I go even more A.D.D. and make even more sweeping generalizations which I now want to contradict myself on listening back
Roles Royce, Honda, Acura and numerous other car terms I’m not familiar with.
And just when we start to talk GREEN, I change the subject, go figure
Alex continues to stun me with his thoughts on podcasting
Anne Coulter
Scooby Doo
Law School enlightenment
Full Circle
Alex makes an ugly math equation out of me
Mom calls and we’ve babbled ourselves out
No Music This Time

Advance to: 17:00 if your eyes roll back at car chat, but I think Alex made some interesting points here

16 – Still All About Me – Part 1

Alex gives me props and I botch giving proper props to Aegis (again)
Aegis on PMN

Identity crisis / nickname debate

Alex works out his lawyerly twitchings and I show my verbal steamrolling tendencies…

Song: “Home Again”, by Amy MacClain


Alex figures out the destination of my rambling which is that I am without the feeling of a destination

Our thoughts on the mindset of the tri-state area

Song: “Space Rocks Keep Falling On My Head”, by Away With the Fairies

Away With The Fairys - We´ve Been Had - Space Rocks Keep Falling On My Head

Our A.D.D. brings us to Pluto and then back to NY again

And though alex is not gay…I had to cut the conversation here, since we abruptly moved to a new topic and this was a long night of chat.

Stay tuned for part 2…


15 – Incongruous

Please bear with the technical difficulties. I know most other podcasts sound better as they get their sound figured out, somehow I manage to mess this up, too.

Two other things that are going on around me that make me realize how miniscule my problems are.

Mom in the proverbial house.

missomething@gmail.com – because who doesn’t love to get email

Song “Another Day”, by MAKAR

Makar - 99 Cent Dreams - Another Day


Song “ Whether I’m Wrong”, by Allison Crowe

Allison Crowe - Live at Wood Hall - Whether I'm Wrong



14 – Popping P’s

My computer has fallen and it can’t get up. I can’t get my headset to work with Audacity any more and so this one was recorded on an iRiver…with many popping p’s and b’s, which is really irritating, I know.

Updates soon on the makeover as it will be in the very near future. If you can see the picture I set in itunes, it was taken after my last massive chop a number of years ago.

Some thoughts on what I’ll be looking for in the less near future.

"Run and Hide" by Barry Price – www.barrypricemusic.co.uk


13 – Ghosts

I need to re-record another sort of intro…because I DID find a job! And I wish the got the email before I hit record, because Aegis cleared up the pronunciation that I botched
"it’s pronounced "ee-gis", but everybody say "ay-gis"
My Jersey City voicemail ramblings that I so wish I recorded on my new iRiver
Song: "Here Nowhere", by Geoff Smith

Geoff Smith - Geoff Smith and the Tonewheels - Here Nowhere

I chronicle my Jersey City expidition and wind up sounding like "that girl" (again)
The weekend continues and I spend a second night out on the town and wear poopy pants
I realize I’m not really ready to circulate in the general population, especially amongst those who are so good to me
Song: "Sea of a Million Faces", by Allison Crowe

Allison Crowe - Live at Wood Hall - Sea of a Million Faces

and I probably offend everyone who calls Brooklyn home, but I don’t mean it that way, I swear…



The Jersey Toddshow is one of my faves…and he was so kind as to ask me to record a little sumfin to play. Thanks Todd!

Jersey Toddshow #49