How to Hail a Cab in NYC

If you know me, you know I take cabs often.  I joke that my favorite subway line is the private yellow one, but most often it's a case of working late and I get reimbursed. 


I've been surprised to see NYers lifting their arm in traffic then stomping their feet when no one stops.  Friends have admitted they don't know how to tell if a taxi is free or not. 


I created this crude little guide to help.


Click here for business card guide size version you can print, snip, and carry.


I have noticed some newfangled taxi tops of late and they seem to be simplifying it to just a number, on or off .  Maybe it will be a lot more obvious in the near future.


Me and my blog are not affiliated with the TLC, please go here for official updates and communications.  I picked 2286 because it was the first four digit number that came to mind (and was my Girl Scout troop as a kid).