ARG, “The International” and being a viral marketing pawn

Forgive the very nasal audio summary…I’m still getting over the latest flu.  Detailed recap is captured here:

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I had no idea what ARG was before today.  It means Alternate Reality Game.  I found myself taking part in one today for “The International”, a movie on its way to theatres from Sony Pictures. 

It started with a friend who saw something interesting on the unfiction forum



Participants were instructed to go the Guggenheim Museum in NYC on November 25, 2008 and find a man in a hat at 1pm. 

Next we were given our “Security Brief” which instructed us to head to the obelisk in Central Park and note the first letter of a number of words on the southernmost translation plaque (we figured out this was Cleopatra’s needle) .

That directed us to another location in the park where a phone would ring every 15 minutes and provide the next location.

From there, we went to the Bethesda Fountain to find “relief” with more clues

Finally, we found our next destination – the Central Park Zoo, more specifically, the “little dog”, where we found our cache of “blood money”.

Much fun was had, including a payoff in foreign currency.  For me, I was intrigued by the integration of live action role play and viral marketing.

Scan of the "Security Brief"