The thing I love about putting these little end of year videos together is the reminder of just how great life is.  Without taking the time to revisit the year that's wrapping up I'd probably sum up it up as half spent unemployed and the other half working.  With so many joyful moments in between, I am so glad I remembered to pull out my camera and document a few.  Starting with swimming off the coast of St. John's, Newfoundland with Dana and Jess cheering me on from the rocky shore (and giggling maniacally), I managed to toss off my wool coat and jump in…in the drizzle, and a rainbow appeared right after.  It was amazing, effing freezing, and unforgettable.


Earlier in the year there was #coatcheck, where I got to bond with family and make some cash when I badly needed it.  The lovely Laura got married and still found time to play – taking a balloon animal class, hitting various manner or balls at Chelsea Piers, and a spontaneous bumper car trip to Coney Island.  I got to kayak on the East River, between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges with Rob, Tracy, Matt and co.  Dana, Brian, Sarah V, Sarah C, Mario, Sukhjit, Wesley and you, and you, and you visited this year.  There were Blattbashes and Amber had a sing-a-long in Prospect Park.  I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity and NY Cares.  I got to see Michael Monroe play live in NYC.  OMG, I'm still a shameless teenager!  Wanna fight?!?


…and I became an honorary Newfoundlander by being screeched in and may have developed a momentary crush in the process (what can I say, apparently I have a thing for men in foul weather gear).  It may be the last thing I remember of that trip, but that trip was the highlight of my year, much thanks to Dana and her wonderful family.  I licked a cod, inadvertently started a Canadian chant of USA, USA! and you get to witness a cultural tradition spoken in English, even if you don't recognize it as such. Bonus points if you can make heads or tails of what's being said or what's going on – I barely could.  Full video below.


I am so grateful for all my friends and family! Thank you for making 2010 awesome!


Extra hugs to the  theambershow for the kayaking photos and @SOTMario for his Coney Island pictures.


Music by Sook-Yin Lee


2009, 2008

Highly Recommended Activity for the Unemployed and Frustrated

my mom’s favorite


My Mom still cites this video as her favorite video I've linked her to so I figured I'd dust it off and post it here. 

She's probably just proud I keep my bed made.

Music from Macross Plus
For the record my mattress is not yellow, it's one of those "space material" toppers

There’s no YOU in SLEEP. I had purring like a jet engine and pretending to chase my tail in mind.

Ciao, 2009

It seems unorthodox to publish a short encapsulation of 2009 with a near two weeks still left in the year, but anxious as I am to bury this one in the sea… I'm letting it go.


It wasn't all for naught, I'm not bidding the past 350+ days adieu without any fondness, some of the brighter moments are captured here.



I Love This

Let’s call this one “She really isn’t trying at all” or “NO, you cannot make the bed right now”

She needs to stop doing this shit or I will always get the other half of the bed

I try not to make a mouse snuff film at 5:30am


In which I grumble while trying to figure out what to do after I wake up to my cat wandering around with a mouse in her mouth. Mouse mutilation not an option.

V Day 2009

Valentine's Day gets a bad rap.   I am just about 4 months late putting togther a video of my lovely friends celebrating the occasion…albeit in total abject denial with a party commemorating the state of Oregon -



urban mouse removal

difficult as it is to see, I caught a mouse….which my cat did not… with some cheese and a shoe box.


go fly a kite

@langley got the idea to try and fly my camera on a kite while at jacob riis park beach. to both our surpirse it flew…and flew…and then the camera fell.

I think every frame was complely different, the camera moved so fast it completely bent the metal clip we rigged it with which then released the camera.

The video was completely vomit inducing, here was my attempt to slow, cut and insert some stills to spare you the vertigo.

Fountain Exhibit at the Lightship “Frying Pan”

Fountain Exhibit at the Lightship "Frying Pan", Pier 66, NYC

I felt a bit like I was in a steampunk wonderland wandering around the rusted out vessel



ACTB: from us to you

A bunch of friends wish another bunch of friends (partying together in Wisconsin) well…


download (wmv)


ACTB for the uninitiated – angrycamp.tracysbasement.com or http://twitter.com/actb


I gave folks less than 48 hours, tried to reach out via twitter, facebook, seesmic, email, etc…I was shocked by the response, but sure I missed some/didn't give enough time.  The scary thing is there are more of us non-actb-ers then are on this video thinking of everyone this weekend.


Dispatched from #ACTB headquarters.  Thanks @rojopelo!


the green stuff

I woke up this morning to a bunch of city workers making a lot of noise outside.  It was nearly noon and I was actually a bit thankful for the wake up call.  I looked out the window and found they were re-planting a tree where one had fallen last Summer.



They worked quickly…as deftly as the NYPD had with their chainsaws unblocking the road and piling the branches and stumps that sat on the side of the road awaiting pick up for several weeks. 


My neighborhood is an amazing place of parallels and contradictions.  It makes perfect sense that in the season of growing – a tree would die, and in the season of snow and ice – life would be restored.


As the weather warmed I grew frustrated by the pile of rotting wood.  The smell was impossible to ignore and intensified each day.  Some very scary insects made their way into my apartment.  My cat didn’t even want to hunt them; she took to meowing insistently until I committed paper towel murder.  I called 311, tried filing health, safety, and parking complaints when I was told a request for tree removal could take up to a month.  In the end I think it took about 3 weeks and gave me great insight into just what happens when a tree falls in Brooklyn and how many city agencies have a lot of work to do.  Thankfully no one was hurt and the only property damage involved a few parked cars.




And now, a little tree begins to take root under the sidewalk, another part of the world that lies underneath New York City.  While the great city of NY was here with their truck full of trees, another truck full of dirt, a number of men with shovels and wheel barrows added a few more trees alongside the street – in the spaces where others have fallen victim to storms or the Asian longhorned beetle.


I am full of love for the city, the borough, and the neighborhood for their pride and gratitude for tree-lining the streets.  I watched them work, interacting with the neighbors and exchanging smiles and chatter.  I thought of MillionTreesNYC and foresee some tree planting and Arbor Day festivities in the coming year for me…




In 2008 I…

moved to Brooklyn
laughed a lot
cried a little
made some mistakes
worked…a lot
got a cat
said goodbye to my dog Sandi
went to Canada
made new friends
licked a bridge
shot a machine gun
set myself on fire – with a hair straighter

Song: "Seasons of Love" from Rent (Itunes link)

Misc. Endings

I wasn’t able to stick with NaPodPoMo

But, Mat, aka Langley was:

No sleep IN Brooklyn:



And, babble!


ARG, “The International” and being a viral marketing pawn

Forgive the very nasal audio summary…I’m still getting over the latest flu.  Detailed recap is captured here:


or scroll to the bottom and use the browser player

I had no idea what ARG was before today.  It means Alternate Reality Game.  I found myself taking part in one today for “The International”, a movie on its way to theatres from Sony Pictures. 

It started with a friend who saw something interesting on the unfiction forum



Participants were instructed to go the Guggenheim Museum in NYC on November 25, 2008 and find a man in a hat at 1pm. 

Next we were given our “Security Brief” which instructed us to head to the obelisk in Central Park and note the first letter of a number of words on the southernmost translation plaque (we figured out this was Cleopatra’s needle) .

That directed us to another location in the park where a phone would ring every 15 minutes and provide the next location.

From there, we went to the Bethesda Fountain to find “relief” with more clues

Finally, we found our next destination – the Central Park Zoo, more specifically, the “little dog”, where we found our cache of “blood money”.

Much fun was had, including a payoff in foreign currency.  For me, I was intrigued by the integration of live action role play and viral marketing.


Scan of the "Security Brief"


Mariachi Saves the Day



A truly annoying weekend.  I realize my life is pretty easy and if just the small things add up to big angst.

Alternate Titles:

  • Creative panhandling
  • Train Circus
  • Express Train to Mexico

More on Mariachi



Creative Outreach and Crowd Sourcing a Campaign

When I heard about Edelman Studios  and the concept of an agency sourcing the collective creativity of the public, I knew I’d have to at least try at a shot to win $1,000.

Edelman is a PR company with an impressive roster of big name clients and presumably enormous resources to service their accounts.  The idea behind Edelman Studios is to connect users (anyone can register) to their clients and compensate winning ideas. 
Currently there are assignments listed for Butterball, Philadelphia, Burger King and Expedia.

As I recently “crowd sourced” recommendations for my parent’s recent vacation to Washington DC,  I thought an interesting approach would be to start a discussion on Phreadz, a multimedia conversation platform about the whole idea of “vacation” to both stir up ideas and also demonstrate an extension of Edelman’s own tactic for the Expedia assignment.

If the TOCs allow me to do so, I will share how I frame this in my submission for the contest.  Also, as the amazing community of Phreadz is contributing, I’d like to spend any (crossing my fingers) winnings directly back to the community as it’s currently an amazing tool in development by one hopeful and inspiring programmer.

Joshua Allen Harris

While walking in Chelsea this afternoon I caught a shiny silver shimmer out of the corner of my eye.  Joshua Allen Harris was tying the last sheet of metallic paper to the subway grates for an inspired sidewalk art project.   When a subway went through the tunnel underground the paper made a spectacular show. "We're all attracted to shiny" When I returned to the office I did some research and found he's been up to this for quite some time creating animals and creatures out of recycled bags.  I couldn't find a website, but I found this youtube page – http://www.youtube.com/user/harrisdanger.  It totally made my day. 

Hike at Mohonk Mountain

Spin the Bottle Live

Recorded at Podcamp Boston by Phil Campbell
another angle by Philippe


Mermaid Parade

wanderings and mutterings

my dorkiness knows no bounds

Blip picks ugly keyframes

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 If you aren't familiar with Wankergirl – she inspires me.